St. Louis Eats (STL Trivia) #72

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St. Louis Eats (STL Trivia) #72

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This STL trivia category covers questions about historical St. Louis restaurants and eateries.  It asks about origin stories, owners, famous St. Louis dishes, and more. This STL trivia round will challenge your St. Louis historians. It's a great mix of questions for any STL trivia night.

Sample Easy QuestionWhich pizza company opened their pizza shop in 1964 because they thought “wouldn’t it be nice if someone would deliver the pizza to us”?

Sample Medium QuestionWhat St. Louis restaurant was originally called Brittany Beef?

Sample Hard QuestionThe Bevo Mill’s exterior is finished with specially selected stones of all colors, shapes and textures (and then set in stucco) that were gathered from which historic St. Louis attraction?