How It Works


Want to know how to plan a trivia night or easily make a trivia power point and don't know where to start?  Planning a trivia event or a trivia fundraiser can be a daunting task, but thanks to Trivia Packs, it can be done in about 10 minutes and you can buy upgrades like picture trivia rounds and audio trivia rounds.  There's even an option to create a full trivia night PowerPoint presentation / trivia night slide show with the click of a button! 

Here's How Trivia Packs Works:

1. Decide how many rounds/categories of trivia you want to do and how many questions you would like per round: 10 rounds with 10 questions is the most common for fundraiser trivia nights (lasts about 3 hrs). 5 rounds with 12 questions is most common for bar/pub trivia and shorter trivia events (lasts about 1.5 hrs). No matter what trivia you are planning, just leave about 2 min per question ordered when planning the timing of your trivia night.

2. Pick Your Trivia Categories: Then, once you know how many rounds/categories you'd like, go to our Trivia Categories page to see all the different trivia categories and subject matter we offer as options for you to build your trivia night. We also have a printable list of our categories, it doesn't have near as much information as our trivia categories page, but it shows you what all is available and then you can search the site and find the categories that you want more information on.

3. Build Your Trivia Pack & Checkout: Then, build your Trivia Pack, including picking which format you want and selecting all your category selections (like picture trivia rounds and audio trivia categories), and checkout.  We make it so easy for you to even make a trivia night PowerPoint with the click of a button. See the video below for a quick demo. We'd love to make getting your trivia for your trivia night as painless as possible! Email us if you have any questions!

Watch Trivia Packs: How to Plan a Trivia Night in 10 Minutes video.