When learning how to plan a trivia night, lots of questions come to mind! Here are the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about planning trivia night events that we get from customers. Hopefully we have answered your question on how to buy trivia for a trivia night.  If you have any other questions, feel free to e-mail us at support@triviapacks.com.

Here's a quick video on how TriviaPacks.com works

1. How long does it take to get my Trivia Pack once ordered?

Once you order, your Trivia Pack should be delivered to you within 15 minutes. If you don't receive it in this time, check your spam/junk folder. Rarely your email system could take a bit longer to process if it is through work or school email. If you don't receive within 2 hours, email us and we will resend it a different way.

2. What comes with every Trivia Pack?

Included with every Trivia Pack containing your trivia night questions is a PDF (non-editable but similar to a Word Doc) of your trivia questions and answers, our Accuracy Guarantee, a ready-to-go Excel auto-scoring sheet, editable trivia night rules sheet, answer sheet printables for your tables, a "Welcome to Trivia Night" printable listing of the categories for your tables for the event, tie breaker questions, and some other info to help plan your trivia night. You can read more about what's included in your Trivia Pack.

3. How many trivia questions should I order for my trivia night?

10 rounds with 10 questions is the most common for fundraiser trivia nights (lasts about 3 hrs with some short breaks). 5 rounds with 12 questions is most common for bar/pub trivia and shorter trivia events (lasts about 1.5 hrs with some short breaks). No matter what trivia you are planning, just leave about 2 min per question ordered when planning the timing of your trivia night and keep your breaks throughout the night short and sweet.

4. We have ordered trivia categories from you before. How do I keep from ordering repeat trivia questions?

Easy! Every category you ordered before had a category number. These category numbers help to keep everything unique so that even though a category name may change, the number will not. Just make sure you don't order the same category number again and you'll be free and clear. If you order the same category number, you will get the EXACT same questions that you got before. There, of course, are some exceptions as there are thousands and thousands of trivia questions in our database. If you get a question that is similar to one in another category for this trivia event or similar to one you had had before, just email us at support@triviapacks.com and we will send you a replacement question and answer.

If you aren't sure what numbers were ordered last time(s), just email us with the name that was on the order and we can send you a list of what has been ordered in the past so you can steer clear.

5. What type of questions do you offer (multiple choice, True or False, one answer)?

We only offer the one answer type of trivia night questions where the players must come up with. We do not offer multiple choice or True/False questions.

BUT, we do offer picture trivia rounds, music trivia rounds, and audio trivia categories that cover all types of subjects!

6. I'm not sure what trivia categories to buy or what order they should be in. What should I do?

If you are nervous about putting together the trivia night categories for you trivia night, feel free to contact us to bounce some ideas around for some fun trivia categories. We've been doing this a long time and usually have a pretty good feel for what groups will respond well to what types of questions. So never worry you are bothering us by sending over a "Hey this is what I'm thinking for our trivia night. How does it look?" We love getting those!

Also, we may start selling some pre-built trivia packs soon that will have a mixture of what we think makes a fun trivia night to make it even easier for folks who like to take more of a "just tell me what to do to make it great" approach. :)

7. What type of format should I choose (PDF, Excel, PowerPoint or all 3) for my trivia night questions?

We offer PDF, Excel, or Powerpoint (here is an example of a PowerPoint) formats for your Trivia Pack. We get quite a few questions on this so we put together a page to clarify the differences between the different Trivia Pack format options we here. You can read about the file formats we offer.

8. If I order them, how will I get the audio and visual/picture files?

All files for your Trivia Pack will be sent to you in a Zip file (basically a file that holds lots of files and folders more compactly for digital delivery). Once you open that up, you will see your Trivia Pack formats (if you ordered more than one) and you will see folders in there named, for example Round 1, that will have your audio or visual files for round 1. That is the only place they will be, unless you ordered a PowerPoint. If you ordered a PowerPoint, your visual files will be in that PowerPoint as well. However, any audio files will only ever been sent in the folder. You will have to put those into your PowerPoint manually. But that isn't a tough project. See the question on that below.

9. Can I edit the trivia night PowerPoint presentation / trivia night slide show with round sponsors and our logos?

Yes! The trivia PowerPoint you will receive is totally editable by you! So do whatever you want to with your trivia slideshow. Here is an example of a PowerPoint format

10. Can I download this on to more than one computer?

Yes! The Trivia Pack and all your goodies will come to you in a Zip file in an email. You can send that email to whoever you would like and they can download the Trivia Pack files to their computer. We do ask that you be honest and not share with more than who you are organizing your trivia night with. We put a lot of work into making this trivia for you so please only share with your organizers.

11. What if I don't like a question?

If you don't like a question, just reach out to us and we will get you a replacement. We want you to be happy with your trivia.

12. Are any of your questions obscene or inappropriate?

All questions in most categories are appropriate for any audience. You will know buy the category name if this is not the case.  For example, there are trivia categories based on popular TV shows that are NOT family friendly. You will want to steer clear of those.

13. Are your trivia questions good for kids?

Most of the trivia we create is for adults. Not that it is inappropriate for kids, but most of the trivia is above their knowledge level or referencing movies, TV shows, or music that they have probably never heard of. There are some trivia categories that the kids may do well with regarding specific TV or movie genres like Disney or Harry Potter, but even those may be too challenging depending on the kids' ages. So, usually, unless other-wise specified, the questions are more for adult level than children.

14. What if I don't like a round I purchased?

When you are going through your trivia, if you find a round that you don't think suits your crowd, contact us and we will figure out a round that is better for you.

15. What if I need a custom round or rounds?

If you need a category on subject matter not listed on our Trivia Categories page, email us at support@triviapacks.com and we will see what we can do based on the time we have to create it/them. There may be an additional cost based on what the trivia is covering.

16. How hard are your questions?

We really do our best to make sure that that trivia rounds will be fun for everyone. So in creating categories, we usually include 1-2 easy questions, 1-2 HARD question, and the rest in the medium difficult level.  That way there are usually a few that almost everyone at the table knows, a few that only a few in the room may know, and the rest where at least 1 person at the table will know. Of course, this all depends on the level of your players too. Some people are good at trivia knowledge while others are not. But we never try to make totally off-the-wall questions that leave people thinking "no one would ever know that".

However, if you receive a category and go through it with your organizers and think it is too difficult, let us know and we can swap it out. In doing this for years now, we have never had feedback after an event that a category was just too hard for people. Remember to have faith in the teams that are coming! It IS supposed to be a challenge, a fun one, but a challenge. :)

17. Is this a download or is anything actually sent to me?

Everything from Trivia Packs is a digital download. There will be no items physically mailed to you.

18. Can I mix up the categories I order to make all mixed bag rounds?

Once you order from us, you can do anything you like with the questions. The easiest way to do this would be to buy an Excel version so you can easily cut and past rows to form your own categories. However, you need to be VERY careful that you are matching your new question order with the right answer order. It could get messy if you aren't detail oriented.

19. When I click on the link to download the trivia pack, nothing happens. What do I do?

Try opening in a different browser. That is usually a browser issue.

20. Do the audio and visual files come already in the PowerPoint presentation?

The visual files are in the PowerPoint presentation, but due to difficulty in emailing because of file size, the audio files are NOT embedded in the PowerPoint. However, you can easily insert them into the PowerPoint on the computer you are going to be making the trivia presentation from.

Simply download the audio files and PowerPoint. Then, open up the PowerPoint. Go to the first slide that has an audio clue. It will say, for example, "Play Audio Filename: Round1\Question1.mp3". While on this slide, go to "Insert".


Then, go to "audio" and "audio file".


Then you're computers folders will pop up. Find your Trivia Pack download and go to the "Round 1" folder. From there, select the "Question 1.mp3" file. This will put a little speaker icon onto your slide. Then, once you click it, it will play the clip.

screen-shot-2020-04-15-at-8.40.56-am.pngYou can then delete the "Play Audio Filename: Round1\Question1.mp3" if you want a cleaner look. MAKE SURE YOU DOUBLE CHECK ALL OF THESE WITH YOUR ANSWERS DAYS BEFORE YOUR EVENT TO MAKE SURE YOU PUT THEM IN IN THE CORRECT SLIDES.