Fundraising Tips to Help Your Organization Succeed


#1: Set a Goal:  The best way to hit your goal is to have a specific number in mind.  This has been backed up by scientific and metaphysical studies everywhere.  Be VERY specific with an exact number in mind.  Then, tell everyone on your team and in your organization so that all can be on board and thinking about hitting THAT number.



#2:  Get a Great Team in Place:  Nothing can kill any kind of effort like bad attitudes.  So be sure and surround yourself with an excellent team or "board" to accomplish your fundraising goal.  If you don't have the luxury of a team to help you, make sure that you stay positive and focus on the good things you are doing by helping the organization. 

If you can have a team, pick some great people who may not be the most SKILLED, but will be helpful and happy along the way.  A good attitude beats a skill any day.

 Plan a Trivia Night Fundraiser in About 10 Minutes

#3:  Get Your Helpers in Place:  Doing a fundraiser for a school or a church fundraising event?  Get your students, parishoners, church-goers, employees, community, etc excited about the possibilities that can come from a wonderfully successful fundraiser.  Always talk positively about the fundraising process and offer fundraising incentives and fundraising prizes for those who go above and beyond to help your organization fundraise.


#4: Offer Prizes for Fundraising:  It may seem silly, but even a $5 giftcard as a thank you can keep even adults motivated and aware that you recognize what he/she is doing.  We all like to be recognized.  Other ideas for fundraising prizes are: time in a money machine, toys and electronics, candy, gift cards, hours off work, etc.  Get creative!



#5: Use Social Media for Fundraising:  Use your organization's Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. accounts to spread the word about your fundraising event.  Whether you are selling something for a fundraiser or doing a trivia night fundraiser or having a mouse race fundraiser or whatever it may be, GET THE WORD OUT.  If no one knows about your fundraiser, you won't raise any funds.  So get some fun Facebook posts and tweets written down and post them leading up to your event.  If you sit down and write them all at once, it will save you time later when you don't have to think about it and you can just post it.


#6: KEEP ASKING FOR DONATIONS:  Most people (especially if it is a distant ask like a mailer or an e-mail) won't give donations on the first ask.  So keep sending e-mails asking for donations or mailers asking for donations.  Also, ask for money in different ways: maybe do a personal phone call for a donation or send a package asking for money or something that makes your plea for donations different from all the rest.

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