Format Options Info

We get a lot of questions about what the different file formats mean and why people would purchase different ones. So, we put together a little info page to clarify.

PDF (Portable Document Format) *FREE OF CHARGE*: This is a non-editable text document; NOT a PowerPoint presentation. It comes with every Trivia Pack. It is NOT editable and will have the questions and answers on the same page. Basically, it’s a guide for the MC of trivia or for the graders. It cannot be printed and given out to players. This is great for people who just want to have a trivia night where they read the questions to tables who then answer.

PDF + Excel Sheet: You receive your PDF and a fully-editable Excel Sheet. This document is easy to cut and paste and rearrange to your liking. Some people buy this option to then make their own PowerPoint to save money. Others buy this option when they want to print off the questions (without answers) and give them to players. This can easily be accomplished by deleting the “answer” and other unnecessary columns.

PDF + PowerPoint **Most Popular**: You receive your PDF and a fully-editable PowerPoint Presentation. It’s easy to cut and paste your own edits to questions, add logos or sponsors, and more. Almost all big fundraising trivia events have PowerPoint presentations so the players can hear and see the questions. It cuts down on asking the MC to repeat a question and makes it look professional. Buying this completed PowerPoint version of the Trivia Pack pretty much finishes your task of creating trivia for a trivia night, minus a few tweaks here and there based on screen size and if you have to add in any audio files.

PDF + PowerPoint + Excel: You receive your PDF, a fully-editable Excel sheet, and a fully-editable PowerPoint. This package gives you and/or your tech person who is creating the trivia for the trivia night the most flexibility. It allows you to tweak the PowerPoint here and there (but save the HOURS it usually takes to create one) and it also allows you to edit the Excel sheet into different layouts or formats for your MC or graders.