Accuracy Guarantee

You Have Nothing to Lose with Our 100% Accuracy Guarantee


We are so confident of our product and the joy that it will bring to your trivia night event that we guarantee that all of our questions and answers are accurate.

That means that if one of the questions in a category is wrong, you get a refund for the cost of that category (including any audio, visual, excel, or Powerpoint costs)! Ex. If a category is wrong and it is a visual category and you had the trivia night changed into a PowerPoint, we will refund you Base Price/# rounds to get x (the cost of the individual base category) + any audio or visual upgrade that category had + (if you made it into a powerpoint) cost of PowerPoint/# of rounds.

While we don't ever anticipate this happening, we want you to be fully comfortable in your purchase because we want you to be happy and have a successful trivia night.

To challenge a trivia pack question/answer,  send an e-mail along with your order number with the contested question/answer and documentation for WHY you think it is wrong.  Then, if once we do our research we discover that the quesiton/answer was in fact incorrect, we will issue you a refund for the amount that the category cost you.  This must be done within 3 months of purchasing your Trivia Pack.