How to Set Up a Trivia Night + Trivia Night Rules

How to Set Up a Trivia Night

Trivia night rules and how to plan a trivia night

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Trivia nights and trivia events can be a fun, successful, amazing way to raise funds and get the community involved with your organization.  Who doesn't like to eat, drink, be merry, and think? Besides the trivia night table fees, 50/50 raffles, silent auctions, trivia night raffles, mulligans, and more are extra cash for your cause!

However, planning a trivia night fundraiser can be a huge hassle. Questions can be difficult and time-consuming to write and THEN you must sit and create a trivia night PowerPoint, which can take hours. Plus, you must have good questions or you're trivia night will suffer! And good questions TAKE TIME to create. Good news. We at Trivia Packs have created a site to help you create a tantalizing trivia night (complete with PowerPoint, if you upgrade) in about 10 minutes.


We have tons of trivia categories for your trivia event to choose from and even offer audio and visual category options to spice up the night and get your trivia night patrons back next year or next week.


But besides, the trivia itself, here is some information for setting up a great trivia night!

Basic Trivia Rules: Trivia Rules for Trivia Nights (Trivia Night Fundraisers)

You come in and sit at the trivia table with your group. The people organizing the trivia night will tell you how many trivia categories there are and how many trivia questions there are per trivia category. You then answer the questions and turn your answer sheets in at the end of each round by the specified turn-in time. And you see how you do! Trivia team with the highest score wins!


  • NO Use of Cell Phones or Any Outside Help (If You Need to Use Your Cell Phone, Leave the Room)
  • Tables of 8-12 (as decided by organizers)
  • Number of Trivia Rounds and Number of Trivia Questions Depends on Organizers
  • You Must Turn in Answer Sheets Within 2 Minutes of the End of the Round
  • If There Are Trivia Mulligans (Basically A Guaranteed Right Answer for Some Price), You Should Be Told How Many You May Use Per Round
  • Usually Answers Need Not Be Spelled Correctly, BUT They Have to Know What You Mean
  • Don’t Yell Out Answers
  • All Challenges Must Be Brought to the Judges


(Extra Tips: Trivia Night Tips for a Smooth, Easy Trivia Night) 


Basic Trivia Set Up

Setting up for a trivia night can seem daunting, but if you just write out everything you need to do in order to plan the trivia night, it won’t be all that bad.


Physical Set Up

Basically, you will need a trivia night registration table, a trivia judge’s table, a place for your trivia quiz master or MC to read off the trivia from, a place to set up your projector and sound system (if applicable), tables for silent auctions at your trivia night, a bar if you are serving beverages, and, of course, tables for all of your teams!

Make sure that all of your tables are clearly marked with either a team number or the role that that table is playing though out your trivia night.


Technical Set Up

 While it certainly isn’t required to have a PowerPoint with your trivia questions on it for your trivia players to be able to read, it is encouraged. A PowerPoint is a great addition to any trivia night to really enhance your trivia players’ experience. It’s also very fun to be able to have visual categories on there. We offer the option to instantly create a PowerPoint when you check out with all your trivia questions and answers here at It’s a huge help for busy planners.

You want to make sure that you have tested out your technical parts before the day of the trivia night. Make sure the PowerPoint is working and it is showing up clearly on the projector. Also, make sure your projector is visible from all angles of the room. It is a great idea to have more than one projector setup to make sure that EVERYONE in the room has a great view.


Paper Set-Up

The trivia patrons should either have an envelope or folder full of all the information and supplies that they will need for their trivia adventure. This can be given to the first person to check-in for their table at the registration table or can simply be left on the tables.  Things to have in your folder are the rule sheet (included in Trivia Pack), answer sheets for each round (included in Trivia Pack), info about the other fundraising going on around the room (50/50s, silent auctions, raffles, etc.), pens, etc.

Organizers will need somewhere to keep score (an excel scoring sheet for up to 40 tables is included in your Trivia Pack), the sheets with all your questions and answers for each trivia round (included in Trivia Pack), and a sheet with trivia night tie breaker questions (included in Trivia Pack).

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If you're not sure about planning a trivia night yet, feel free to browse all of our trivia night categories and get ideas.  We even list three of the sample questions from each category!  Enjoy!