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**New rounds added in our most popular areas: history, literature, general trivia, science, religion, and more. For any category requests, please email support@triviapacks.com.**

The right trivia categories can make or break your trivia night. For more information about each question category available in your Trivia Pack, click on the subject you are interested below to see all the categories available and read more about each one, including 3 sample questions (one easy, one medium, and one hard) from each trivia category.

Some things to note about categories:

1. Category Numbers: If you are ordering an additional trivia pack, you must choose different category numbers. If you select the same category number as you did for your last trivia pack, you will get the EXACT same questions. 

2. Timing: Typically we advise planners to allow about 1.5-2 minutes per question to allow for asking the question, giving them a minute to come up with an answer, reading off the answers at the end of the round, and 1 or 2 breaks throughout the trivia night. So a well-moving 10 round 10 question trivia night will typically take about 3 hours.

3. Question Difficulty: Each category typically has 2 pretty easy, 2 hard, and the rest medium questions. You can see a sample of each of these types in the category on that category's info page.

4. For the audio and visual categories, AUDIO category means that each question in that category is a sound clip that you will download and play for your audience (it will NOT automatically be in the Powerpoint if you choose that, but you will get the digital file and can add it to the .ppt if you like). VISUAL category means that each question has a picture that you will download and display to your audience or it will automatically be a part of your PowerPoint if you choose to do out Instant PowerPoint Creation option.

**Players love the variety when trivia nights have more than just text trivia questions, but make sure that if you are going to do audio that you have a great sound system so all can hear clearly.**

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