Role Reversal Fun Movie Trivia Round

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Role Reversal Fun Movie Trivia Round

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This movie trivia category is a fun one.  For each question, there will be 5 names/roles that an actor or actress has played throughout the film career.  The trivia question is for your players to identify the actor or actress who has played all of those roles. It's a really great movie trivia category.

Sample Easy QuestionWho played it? Henry Roth, Robbie Hart, Robert 'Bobby' Boucher Jr., John Clasky, Lenny Feder

Sample Medium QuestionWho played it? Diane Farrow, Annie Porter, Birdee Pruitt, Lenina Huxley, Maggie Carpenter

Sample Hard QuestionWho played it? Danny Robbins, Homer Hickam, Jack Twist, Anthony Swofford