Printable List of Available Trivia Night Categories

Looking for trivia night category ideas for hosting a trivia night? Here is our full list of trivia night categories on a single page so you can more easily print them off (versus going through our trivia category directory). Many people like this list so that they can take it to trivia night planning meetings or to get approval from their group for which trivia night categories they should have at their trivia night. All of these popular trivia night categories are available for purchase and can be made into a PowerPoint with a click of your mouse. Enjoy browsing and please look to our trivia night category directory for more information and sample questions for each trivia night category.

Category # Trivia Night Category Name
1 TV Show & TV Sitcom Trivia
2 Classic Literature Trivia Questions
3 Walt's Wonders Hard Disney Trivia Questions
4 Donald's Disney Trivia Questions
5 Mixed Sports Trivia Game Round
6 All Around Sports Trivia Questions
7 Games & Sport Quiz
8 Retired Numbers in Baseball Trivia Category
9 Book Trivia Round
10 National Archives US History Trivia
11 American History Trivia
12 US Wars & US Military History Trivia
13 Were You Listening? American History Trivia
14 Play It Again General Music Trivia
15 Elvis Has Left the Building 50s Music Trivia
16 Rockin Robin 1950's Music Trivia
17 Tutti Frutti 1950's Music Trivia
18 Random Music Trivia
19 Potpourri General Knowledge Trivia
20 Origins of Business Trivia Questions
21 Who's on First? MLB Trivia
22 What's on Second? Baseball Trivia Questions
23 General Baseball Trivia
24 Face-Off NHL Trivia
25 Hat Trick Hockey Trivia
26 Boys of Fall Hard Football Trivia
27 In the Huddle NFL Trivia
28 Movies, Movies, Movies Trivia
29 The Silver Screen Movie Trivia Questions
30 Dinner and a Movie Trivia Category
31 Little Black Box TV Show Trivia
32 Change the Channel TV Show Trivia
33 Mix of Modern & Classic TV Trivia
34 Sticks in Your Head Company Slogan Trivia
35 Tag You're It! Slogan Trivia
36 Circle of Life Animal Trivia Questions
37 Wild Kingdom Nature Trivia
38 Bio 101 Biology Trivia
39 Biology: Life Science Trivia Questions
40 Head to Toe Anatomy Trivia Category
41 I Get to Go First! Toys & Games Trivia
42 Where in the World? Fun Geography Trivia
43 Capital Offense: Geography Trivia Questions
44 Want some Pi? Math Trivia
45 Shakespeare Trivia Questions Category
46 Lit 101: Literature Trivia Questions and Answers
47 Ka-pow! Superhero Trivia
48 Hero Movies and Comic Book Trivia
49 Random Junk General Trivia Round
50 Bits and Pieces General Trivia Questions
51 Did you know? Common Knowledge Trivia
52 Mixed Bag Common Knowledge Trivia
53 Stand for Something: Acronyms Trivia
54 Y.M.C.A: Acronyms Trivia Questions
55 Yada, Yada, Yada: Seinfeld Trivia Questions
56 Food Fight: Food Trivia
57 US Military Trivia Round
58 AUDIO: Blame It On the Alcohol Music Trivia Round
59 AUDIO: Rock It Song Trivia
60 AUDIO: Scores & Movie Music Trivia
61 First Words of Disney Character Trivia
62 AUDIO: Let's Go Way Back(wards) Song Lyric Trivia
63 What's in a (Disney) name? Fun Disney Trivia
64 PICTURE: Disney Picture Quiz About Animal Friends
65 AUDIO: But Wait! Commercials Trivia
67 AUDIO: Fun Sports Trivia with Songs About Sports
68 Short 'n' Sweet Difficult Acronyms Trivia
69 Role Reversal Fun Movie Trivia Round
70 Are You Taking Notes? Music Trivia Questions
71 First Impressions Song Lyrics Trivia
72 St. Louis Eats (STL Trivia)
73 Meet Me in St. Louis Trivia
74 Talk Disney to Me Hard Disney Trivia
75 Film Actors in Disney Trivia Questions
76 "Friend"ly Places: Friends Trivia Questions
77 By the Numbers: Friends Trivia Round
78 General Friends Trivia Questions
79 Mean Girls Gossip (General Mean Girls Trivia)
80 All About Regina (Mean Girls Trivia Category)
81 Plastics Trivia (Mean Girls Trivia Round)
82 Wizards Wonders: Hard Harry Potter Trivia
83 Missing Pieces: Harry Potter Trivia Questions
84 Potter Pros: Harry Potter Questions
85 Potter Spells: Harry Potter Movie Trivia
90 Time with the Boys (General Entourage Trivia Questions)
91 Entouraaaage (General Entourage Trivia)
92 I'll Be There: Friends TV Show Trivia
93 Pivot! Pivot!: Friends Trivia Hard
94 Ultimate Friends Trivia Questions
95 The Moops: Seinfeld Nicknames Trivia
96 Festivus for the Rest of Us: Difficult Seinfeld Trivia
97 Hello, Newman: Seinfeld Trivia Hard
98 I Want to Go To There (General 30 Rock Trivia Questions)
99 Lights, Ca-ma-ra, Action! (30 Rock General Trivia Category)
100 AUDIO: Name the Movie - Movie Quote Trivia
101 AUDIO: Movie Madness General Movie Trivia
102 AUDIO: Who's the Character? Famous Movie Trivia Questions
103 AUDIO: Movie Buff: Movie Quotes Trivia
104 AUDIO: Quotes from Funny Movies Trivia
106 AUDIO: TV Theme Song Trivia
107 AUDIO: Potpourri TV Theme Song Trivia Category
108 AUDIO: Memorable Theme Song Trivia
109 AUDIO: Who Said It? Characters on TV Trivia Round
110 AUDIO: Characters on Television Trivia Questions
111 AUDIO: 80's Music Trivia About Song Intros
112 AUDIO: Girls Names in 80's Music Trivia
113 PICTURE: Seinfeld Characters Trivia
114 AUDIO: Finish the Line: Friends TV Show Trivia
115 AUDIO: Mean Girls Quote Finishers (Mean Girls Trivia Category)
116 PICTURE: Friends' Friends: Friends Trivia Questions Hard
117 AUDIO: Mean Girls Quote Finishers (Mean Girls Trivia Category)
118 PICTURE: Difficult Harry Potter Trivia About Pics in Books
119 AUDIO: Can you hear the CRO? (Sons of Anarchy Audio Trivia Questions)
120 AUDIO: Hollywood Sounds (General Entourage Audio Trivia Questions)
121 AUDIO: Friends Fun (Friends Trivia Category)
122 PICTURE: Seinfeld Sights - Obscure Seinfeld Trivia
123 Me Want Food (Fake Shows & Songs on 30 Rock)
124 VISUAL: Actor Announcement! (30 Rock Visual Trivia)
125 AUDIO: That's a Dealbreaker (30 Rock Audio Trivia Category)
126 Coffee Craze (Trivia About Coffee & Coffee in TV, Movies, Etc.)
127 Jail House Rock (Orange is the New Black General Trivia)
128 VISUAL: Faces of Orange (Orange is the New Black Visual Trivia)
129 Litchfielders Before Litchfield (General OITNB Trivia Questions)
130 AUDIO: Sound Off (Orange is the New Black Audio Trivia)
131 OITNB General (Orange is the New Black Trivia Questions)
132 Yaaass Queen! (General Broad City Trivia Questions)
133 I
135 2 Jewesses Tryin' to Make A Buck (Broad City Trivia Questions)
136 VISUAL: Broad City IRL (Characters in in Broad City Visual Trivia)
137 Central Perk: Friends Trivia Round Hard
138 AUDIO: Friends Frenzy - Friends Show Trivia
139 Joey Doesn’t Share Food: Easy Friends Trivia Round
140 PICTURE: Friends Sights - Friends TV Trivia
141 I'm Fine! (Friends TV Trivia Questions)
142 Alohomora: Hard Harry Potter Trivia
143 Sorting Hat: HP Trivia/Harry Potter Trivia
144 Forbidden Forest: Harry Potter Questions
145 AUDIO: Hard Harry Potter Trivia Questions
146 PICTURE: Harry Potter Movie Trivia Questions
147 Neeewman: Medium Seinfeld Trivia Night Round
148 PICTURE: Not That There's Anything Wrong With That -   Seinfeld Trivia
149 They're Spectacular Seinfeld Trivia Round
150 AUDIO: Get Out! Seinfeld Trivia Questions
151 Is he spongeworhty? General Seinfeld Trivia
152 History Lesson: US History Trivia Questions
153 US Facts: US History Questions and Answers
154 History of the 50 United States Trivia Questions
155 Through the Years US History Trivia Round
156 Colonies & Beyond: United States History Category
157 What the Nuns Taught: Catholic Religion Trivia
158 Brain Busters: General Trivia Questions
159 Trivial Facts General Knowledge Trivia
160 Tantalizing 2018 Trivia
161 Catholic Crunch: Catholic Questions and Answers
162 Catholic Quiz: Catholic Trivia Questions
163 We Were on a Break: Ultimate Friends Trivia
164 PICTURE: General Friends Show Trivia Questions
165 The Inappropriate Song Friends TV Show Trivia Questions
166 AUDIO: The Holiday Armadillo - Friends Audio Trivia
167 The One with the Thumb Friends Trivia Night Questions
168 Mixed Science Trivia Questions
169 Facts About Science Trivia Round
170 All About Science Trivia Round
171 Famous Addresses: Unique Trivia About Addresses (Real & Fictional)
172 Beginnings of Business Trivia Questions
173 All About Games Trivia
174 Taglines & Company Slogans Trivia
175 Which brand is it? Advertising Slogans Trivia
176 Popular Slogan Trivia Questions
177 Facts and Numbers Bible Trivia Questions
178 Birds!: St. Louis Cardinals Trivia
179 The K: KC Royals Trivia
180 Famous First Lines Book Trivia Questions
181 American Literature Trivia Round
182 Author ID Literary Trivia
183 Let's Play a Game: Mixed Sports Trivia
184 Game Time Sports Trivia Round
185 The Crowd Goes Wild Sports Trivia Category
186 AUDIO: Songs in Disney Movie Trivia
187 AUDIO: Movie Scores in Disney Movie Trivia
188 Daisy's Difficult Disney Trivia Questions
189 Tough Disney Trivia Game Round
190 PICTURE: Infamous! - Mugshots of Celebrity Trivia
191 PICTURE: Celeb Rough Days (Celebrity Trivia Round About Mugshots)
192 PICTURE: In the Clank (Mugshots of Celebrities Trivia)
193 AUDIO: Time for TV Theme Song Trivia
194 AUDIO: TV Theme Song Trivia Category
195 AUDIO: 80s TV Theme Songs Trivia
196 AUDIO: Fun Tunes TV Show Theme Song Trivia
197 Patron Saints Pop Quiz: Catholic Saints Trivia
198 Church Culture: Catholic Trivia Questions
199 Sacramental Scoop: Catholic Quiz Questions
200 AUDIO: TV Theme Quiz for Trivia Night
201 PICTURE: TV Homes TV Trivia Game
202 PICTURE: Had a Bad Day Celebrity Mug Shots Trivia
203 PICTURE: The Big House Mug Shots Celebrities Trivia
204 PICTURE: Movie Scenes 101 Fun Movie Trivia
205 PICTURE: Name the Still Movie Quiz Questions
207 PICTURE: What's the movie? Film Trivia
208 PICTURE: Current and Classic Movie Trivia in Pictures
209 Medium Difficulty Biblical Trivia
210 PICTURE: Do You Know Me? (Logo Trivia Questions)
211 PICTURE: From the Lou (People from STL Trivia)
212 AUDIO: Finish the Seinfeld Quote Trivia
213 Spell Effects: Tough Harry Potter Trivia
214 VISUAL: Who Killed Me? (Sons of Anarchy Visual Trivia)
215 VISUAL: E's A-Listers (Visual Entourage Trivia Category)
216 PICTURE: Friends Pics - Friends TV Trivia Questions
217 AUDIO: Hard Seinfeld Sounds Trivia
218 Halloween Movies Trivia
219 Use the Force (Star Wars Trivia Category)
220 AUDIO: Movie Themes Time (Movie Trivia Category - Movie Themes)
221 AUDIO: Movie Theme/Scores Party (Movie Theme Music Trivia)
222 AUDIO: Movie Scores/Themes Fun (Movie Scores/Themes Trivia)
223 AUDIO: Movie Theme Songs (Movie Theme Song Trivia)
224 One Word Says It All (One Word Titled Movie Synopsis Trivia)
225 One Word Named Movies Quick Synopsis (One Word Titled Movie Trivia)
226 A State By Any Other Name (State Nickname Trivia Category)
227 Funny TV Shows In 50 Words or Less (Funny TV Shows Trivia Round)
228 Fill in the TV Theme Song Blank (Lyrics in TV Theme Songs Trivia)
229 Musical Math (Numbers in Music Trivia)
500 Seinfeldisms: Seinfeld Trivia Category