Host a Disney Trivia Night to Fill Your Seats

Posted by Tiffany on 14th Feb 2020

Host a Disney Trivia Night to Fill Your Seats

Disney Trivia Nights Can Be Your Easy Key to Success

Looking to host a trivia fundraiser or to fill in your bar in a slow evening? Then a Disney trivia night may be just magic you’re looking for! As a Disney fan myself, I can tell you that there are few groups more willing and excited to come out and show off their knowledge. In the words of “Field of Dreams”, if you build it, they will come…and play! We are always looking for a place to go compete against other Disney lovers and embrace the magic of our childhood!

Where to Find Disney Trivia Night Questions

There are lots of ways to find questions for a Disney trivia night, but some can cost you a lot of time.

1. You can search the internet for your own Disney trivia questions. There are MILLIONS Disney questions out there online. But, that can take a very long time and sometimes, the authors of that trivia don’t do their research…leaving you with a wrong answer. And believe me: Disney fans will know if you’re wrong. ;) So make sure you double check your answers!

2. You can buy your Disney trivia questions. There are multiple places online that sell trivia that you can research and see what Disney trivia categories they have. Or, you can shop here on Trivia Packs. Our Disney trivia categories have been tested and played by Disney experts a.k.a. people who have watched Disney movies WAY too many times. :) And they’ve been written by someone who holds Disney very close to her heart. So, you know they’re good! Plus, there are some quite unique and creative Disney trivia categories, including some audio and visual categories.

Disney Trivia Categories Available from Trivia Packs (Category names could change. Just search the category number and it will take you to the right questions)

  • 61: My First Words (Pretty Tough Disney Character First Words Trivia Category): Trivia where you must identify the Disney character by their first words in their movie.
  • 63: What's in a (Disney) Name? (Disney Name Meaning Trivia): Disney trivia questions about details or meanings behind the origin of Disney character names.
  • 74: Talk Disney to Me (Disney Animated Films Trivia): General trivia about Disney animated films.
  • 75: Finding My Disney Voice (Disney Film Voice Actors Trivia): Disney trivia category about the actors and actresses who voiced Disney characters.
  • 186: Disney Song in Seconds (AUDIO: Disney Songs Trivia Category): With only a VERY short clip of the beginning of a Disney song, identify the song from Disney movies.
  • 187: AUDIO: Disney Scores/Background Music (Difficult - Disney Background Music Trivia): This is for true fans as it is trivia using the background music of Disney animated features where you must ID the movie from just that.
  • 188: Disney Dreaming (Difficult Disney Trivia Questions): General (but tough) trivia on varying topics about Disney animated features.
  • 189: Mickey's Musings (Difficult Disney Trivia Category): General (but tough) trivia on varying topics about Disney animated features.
  • 3: Walt's Wonders (Pretty Hard Disney Trivia): General (but tough) trivia on varying topics about Disney features.
  • 4: Telling Stories (Easier Disney Potpourri): General (but tough) trivia on varying topics about Disney animated features.
  • 64: VISUAL: You're My Best Friend (Disney & Movie Trivia - Disney Pets): Using pictures of animal friends from Disney animated features, you must name the animal.

How to Put Together a Disney Trivia Night with Trivia Packs

1. How many Disney trivia categories and questions should I do?

  • For a Fundraiser or "Big Trivia Night" that typically last about 3 hours, you'll want to do 10 rounds with 10 questions each.
  • For a bar/pub Disney trivia or a shorter trivia event that you'll want to last 1.5-2 hours, we recommend (and have tested) that 5 rounds with 12 questions each works great.

For both of these recommendations, you will have to keep moving at a steady pace. That means not taking breaks between every round and moving from round to round quickly. Otherwise, you'll go over time.

2. Recommendations for some Disney trivia night combinations:

  • For a 10 round, 10 questions trivia night, we'd recommend a good mixture of general trivia categories with more specific ones (like category #63 about Disney character name meanings) and, if your audio system and visual system (or printed papers) allow, putting in some visual and Disney audio trivia categories too. So, we'd do something like this order (using numbers from above or the Disney trivia categories on the rest of the site): 188 (general), 75 (specific), 3 (general), 186 (audio), 189 (general), 64 (visual), 63 (specific), 74 (general), 187 (audio), 61 (specific)
  • For a 5 round, 12 questions trivia night, we'd recommend the same, but with far less categories. So we would do:

Bar Disney Trivia Night Example 1: 188 (general), 75 (specific), 186 (audio), 74 (general), 64 (visual),

Bar Disney Trivia Night Example 2: 189 (general), 61 (specific), 3 (general), 63 (specific), 187 (audio)

How to Market a Disney Trivia Night

There are many ways to market a Disney Trivia Night, but here are a few:

1. Facebook: Using your organization or business Facebook page, create an Event for your Disney trivia night so that all your followers can RSVP or show they are interested. Then, they can share it with their Facebook friends as well. This was you can see how many people are “interested” and how many marked themselves as “going” for some sort of estimate of a head count. And even if they don’t RSVP at all, sometimes you’ll get loads of comments on your posts announcing your Disney trivia night. So, you can gauge the interest there!

2. Email: Send an email out to the people on your business or organization’s email list. Tell them about your Disney trivia night, and if it is for a fundraiser, tell them WHY you are having it. That way, sometimes if people aren’t even a huge Disney fan, they will still get a table together and come support the cause.

3. Post Flyers at your Business or Organization: Especially for those that are technologically-challenged, flyers up at your bar, church, school, business, or organization can let people know about your Disney trivia night coming up.

To Sum it All Up

Disney fans love playing trivia. So, if you do have a Disney trivia night, have so much fun with this! Have some Disney music playing in the background when people walk in and in between rounds. And especially with Disney trivia questions from Trivia packs, your players will be challenged, feel the magic all over, and have a ball.