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Trivia Packs Reviews

Reviews for buying trivia questions for trivia night from Trivia Packs

Check out some of the Trivia Pack reviews and testimonials from those who used Trivia Packs for their trivia night questions!


"It works!!  I had no idea that you could purchase trivia questions on line until my friend told me.  When they told me that they wanted to play trivia at our holiday party I panicked wondering how I was going to pull that off. Thank you for making it SO easy for me.  I know we will have a blast at our holiday party thanks to you and Trivia Pack!!" Karen S. (Ohio, US)


"It was so easy. Thanks for reaching out to us. Your site made my job so much faster & easier." -  M. (Missouri, US)

 "Thanks for your services, this definitely makes trivia night planning & preparations much, much smoother!" Carol (Missouri, US)


"It's great. Thanks!" - Shani W. (Iowa, US)


"Yay!  Thanks so much – it’s my first one so I was in a panic.  Thank you for the great service!" - Teresa (Iowa, US)


"I have received the files. What a great service you have! I have done two trivia nights in the past two weeks, and I have more coming up. This here is a real life-saver for a busy person. Thanks for making it so I could get some sleep knowing that I could buy these!" - Thomas A. (Missouri, US)


"Yes I did (receive them), and I'm so excited to have them.  I love your guys' trivia!" -Jodi (Illinois, US)


"Thank you so very much for everything. You DEFINITELY saved us many, many, many hours of time.  Your product is amazing and we will be sharing with our friends and family and with all of the attendees at trivia night.  I'm sure we will use you again next year, so thank you so very much.  :)"  - Natasha B. (Kansas, US)


"Thank you! It was great!" -Aaron B. (Wisconsin, US)


"Our trivia night was a success. Thanks! I hope your business continues to grow!" - Karla G. (Mississippi, US)


"Yes they did (arrive) and it was so easy. Thanks for reaching out to us. Your site made my job so much faster & easier." - Jen (Illinois, US)


"I will definitely be purchasing a Trivia Pack so if you could create the high school mascot trivia that would be great.  Let me know when you have these created and I will get on the website and make the purchase.  Thank you so much for being so accommodating!" -Valerie (Illinois, US)

"Thank you for the great questions!" - Katy (Oklahoma, US)


"Great. Thank you.  The questions are great!" Eileen (New York, US)


"Everything did come though.  I did not open the file (I'm on a team!) but did fwd it to another committee member and she didn't mention a problem :)  Thanks again!" Troy (Illinois, US)

"Yes, I did receive them. They are great." - Jenn (Alberta, Canada)

"I certainly will (tell others about you)! It was nice to have the Power Point completed with the questions. All we have to do is add our sponsor logos!" - Marissa (Missouri, US)


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