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Return/Refund Policy

A TriviaPacks.com customer will receive a refund for only one of two reasons:

  1. You didn’t receive your TriviaPack.com e-mail with download information and your Trivia Pack within 2 business days AFTER notifying us that you haven’t received it through e-mail.
  2. There is an inaccuracy in your trivia pack and you report it by e-mail with documentation including the question and answer in question and documentation proving it is wrong. If, after we do our research, we find that we, in fact, sent you an incorrect question/answer, we will refund your money for the category that had the inaccuracy.

Of course we never expect either of these things to happen as our Trivia Packs are generated almost instantly and we do everything we can to ensure that all of our questions and answers are 100% correct.

See how it works HERE.

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