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AUDIO: But Wait!!! (TV Trivia & Commercial Trivia -- Infomercials)

AUDIO: But Wait!!! (TV Trivia & Commercial Trivia -- Infomercials)

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Number: 65

Description: In this infomercial and tv trivia category, an audio clip(s) from popular infomercials will be played and your trivia players will need to identify the product being advertised.  This is a fun, unique category that will be a blast to the past for some.  It covers infomercial trivia from the mid 80s to present. All ages should be able to participate.

Keep in Mind: While the product may be very common, the sound clip could be difficult to place as the name of the product is NOT in the audio clip.

Sample Questions

Easy: “The Snuggie”

Medium: “The Cat's Meow”

Hard: “The Ronco (Showtime) Rotisserie"



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