101 Movie Madness (General Movie Quotes Trivia)

101 Movie Madness (General Movie Quotes Trivia)


Number: 101

Description: This AUDIO category is sure to be a good time for those who like movie trivia and is a little more on the tough side.   There are no really easy questions in this movie category. This trivia category covers a variety movie trivia types and movie quote genres. You will play an audio clip of a movie quote and your trivia night guests will have to write down which movie the clip is from.  We aren't putting sample questions, but rather the answers so you can some of the movies you'd be dealing with in the round.


Keep in Mind: While the name of the movie may be very common, the sound clip could be difficult to place.

Sample Questions

Easy: “Toy Story”

Medium: “A Few Good Men”

Hard: “Elf”

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